Rectangular vs Free-Form: Which is best for your backyard?

Which swimming pool design is best for your property?

One of the first major decisions to be made when planning your swimming pool design is whether the shape of the pool will be rectangular or free-form. After getting some design inspiration from our Portfolio, Pinterest, and Houzz, you must turn to your own backyard to see what style is the best fit.

Rectangular swimming pools are more traditional and formal, featuring clean lines and sharp edges. The rectangular pool has been around since the beginning - it is a timeless design. Free-form swimming pools are more natural, designed around your yard’s landscape with the goal of blending in with the surroundings. Often times clients who desire a sleeker, more modern look will choose a rectangular. Those clients seeking a truly custom, playful, natural look will choose a free-form.

The proximity of your swimming pool to your home should be taken into consideration. If the swimming pool is close to your home, it is important to take into account the home’s architecture. A swimming pool is an extension of your home, so the two must complement one another. Does your home have rectangular windows, sharp corners, and a squared roof-line? Then a rectangular swimming pool is likely your best option. If your home features curvature, whether in the roof, the windows, or doors, then perhaps a free-form would fit best. If the swimming pool is far from your home (50+ yards), then chances are your home’s architecture is not a major deciding factor.

Aesthetics aside, one must take into consideration the main functions your swimming pool will serve. Are you a lap swimmer looking to swim a straight 40’+ lane? Or will your pool be a space for entertaining friends and family, where a playful sun-shelf may be of use? Will there be an attached spa, and if so, how will that fit into the pool design? If the pool is to function as the centerpiece of your backyard and you wish it to be one-of-a-kind, then a free-form would offer that.

A rectangular swimming pool with curved ends achieves a more natural look.

A rectangular swimming pool with curved ends achieves a more natural look.

Additional considerations include whether or not you desire an automatic pool cover, as only a rectangular swimming pool can accommodate one. And then there’s the fence, which all pools are legally required to have. If the plan is to have the fence close to the pool, then the pool may determine the shape of the fence - which is always more visible than the pool. The patio design and added landscaping will also be a factor.

After scheduling an appointment, Litchfield County Pools will visit your site to assess your backyard and to help you make this critical decision. We walk through your site, listen to your ideas, and share our ideas. We take into account the required fencing, landscaping options, and hardscape ideas. Together, we determine what the best style for your backyard is, whether rectangular or free-form.

Looking for some further design inspiration? Check out ‘50 Beautiful Pool Designs’ by The Spruce!

Thank you for reading, and as always, thank you for swimming with us.